Wednesday, December 31, 2008

no day but today

it's an hour before the year ends, and looking back it's been, well, let's call it eventful, though that's not quite the adjective i was rooting for. There's lot's of things I want to bury at the same time I don't want to forget, but hey this is the new year, new beginnings, cheesy, but at least, that's something to look forward to. I'm thinking of this song right now. I wish I could sing you this..

The heart may freeze or it can burn
The pain will ease if I can learn
There is no future
There is no past
I live this moment as my last
There's only us
There's only this
Forget regret
Or life is yours to miss
No other road
No other way
No day but today

There's only yes
Only tonight
We must let go
To know what's right
No other course
No other way
No day but today

I can't control
My destiny
I trust my soul
My only goal is just
To be
There's only now
There's only here
Give in to love
Or live in fear
No other path
No other way
No day but today...

cheers everyone!
happy new year

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

a lot more emotionalfuckwittage

hey y'all. something just came over me, and i feel like writing something..i don't know what it is. i just think i'm having ESPN or something (pun intended)hahaha. thank you very much. anyway, my lazy muses told me to write something but they're too lazy to tell me what it is. that's right, blame it on the muses.

i'm crazy

this sounds a lot like my firstest blog..awww..fond memories..hahaha that blog enslaved me! look where i am? i'm damned in blogger's hell, like i have nothing better to do. i was strolling around the mall earlier and my biggest worries were personified when i bumped into Sir Mantequilla. so sue me, i haven't entertained any of those readings that my guilty conscience solidified into something for me to bump on, to remind me that readings should be read. hence, the name. XD

but i didn't blog to tell you about that. sheesh.

the year's about to end, and i just wanna wish everyone peace, love and a good many things to laugh and smile about for the coming year.

and too bad for you because you'll be getting a whole lot more emotionalfuckwittage from me

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Friday, December 19, 2008

Of flicks and paperbacks

I was plurking awhile ago and I noticed a recent plurk from Paulo Coelho linking you to the trailer of Veronika Decides to Die. I was a bit surprised because as I immediately recalled, if any of you have read The Zahir, I thought he was stating his opinion there about the idea of his books becoming movies. Anyway, the main character in that book was a writer and he was narrating the story, so I was sort of thinking that Coelho was portraying himself as the character. In one part (if i remembered anything from this book it was this part) the narrator was being interviewed and was asked (this is not the exact words): "what do you think is the main theme behind your newest book?" and he answered, "If I had wanted a single idea across then I would have only given you two lines." The interviewer continued: "will your new book have its film adaptation?" he answered something like, "No, I think each reader has its own interpretation of the book, their own vision and everyone will just end up disappointed by the movie. I wouldn't spoil that for them". That's what I remember. Of course it's not accurate. Gawd, if I only have a copy then I wouldn't be so lame trying to tell you about it now.

Going back, of course I checked the link out, Veronika Decides to Die is my favorite from Coelho so far. And let me re-track a bit, don't get me wrong, I was glad that if that was really Coelho's thought the first time, something made him think otherwise. I agree with him both ways anyway. Sarah Michelle Gellar is playing Veronika, and i think that's just perfect. I wonder if she'll go naked in front of the piano. Let's find out.

Another thing I have to tell you about is that coming May 2009 is X-Men Origins:Wolverine! I can't believe it! I really thought they stopped making them. I'm just an ultimate X-Men fan. And if any of you have been Superman or Batman or Power Ranger Red(loser), when you were kids, I most certainly have been Wolverine! I'm totally psyched. and Gambit's there!

And not only is Harry Potter coming next year so is the Hobbit! Newsflash: Harry Potter is not overrated. It's only the Greatest Fantasy Epic of all time, unparalleled except for Lord of the Rings, which is like the god of all fantasy books. All hail JK Rowling and JRR Tolkien! According to my book, Lord of the Rings is one of the last book based movies that really counted and was really justified. Hardcore. I'm hoping The Hobbit is from the same makers as the LOTR Trilogy. But whatever, I'm still gonna check it out.

Oh, and Lovely Bones.which I haven't gotten around to reading.haha

To end, I would just like to say that flick or paperback, doesn't matter. It's a work of art and should be respected as such in their own right. Another thing, if someone comes by saying "ay pangit man daw ang movie, mas maganda daw ang book" tell me first, have you read the book? If not, then you better shut it. Have you seen the movie? If not, then shut it all the more tightly. You'll only embarrass yourself. Ciao!

Monday, December 15, 2008

birds of the same feather FLOCK together.. don't forget the L

Got this compilation of UP profs' quotable quotes from a UP group. I just had to repost.

1. "The aim of policy making is to invoke
action! Because action speaks louder
than words! You do not just say I love you. You say:
If you love me, enter me! " -Dr. Alfonso Pacquing

2. "Class, next week na lang ung result sa exam
nyo. I am having a hard time
checking it. I will seek first the divine guidance on
what to do about it.
Class don't worry about your grade. Let me worry
about it." Sir de jesus,envi sci 1

3. (valentines day)

"Ano ba yan? Students ba kayo ng UP? Bakit ang
bababa ng scores niyo?
Siguro wala kayong date ngayong valentines kaya
ganito kayo. Losers!!!
When i was your age i had a
date. Hindi ba naapektuhan ng UP FAIR
euphoria ng grades niyo? Parang di kayo
masaya..." (sabay matching tapon ng quizzes sa sahig)
"I won't record this. Go find a date."
(sabay walk out.) -Sir Doliente,BA.

4. Ma'am: Many people believe that we, psychology
graduates can read minds...
(silence) Actually, we can.
Class: Weh.. Sample..
Ma'am: Right now, you think that I'm bluffin
-Ma'am Chei Billedo, Psych

5. "I don't give surprise long exams. all
exams are announced. Halimbawa,
Class, mageexam tayo, NGAYON NA!" -Ma'am

6. "The human body is 70% water. Kaya wala
kayong kasaysayan lahat. Pag may
kaaway ka, sabihin mo sa kanya, TUBIG KA LANG!!! -Dr.

7. "Oo, nagpapaulan ako ng uno... baket? aanhin
ko ba nun? di naman ako
yayaman dun." -Sir Atoy Navarro, histo I

8. (commenting on a thesis of a
senior student) 'Yang thesis mo? .. Mamamatay ka!!
Mamamatay ka!!' - Dr. llanes, UPM.

9. "Nasa bandang gilid ang fallopian tube. Kaya
kung gusto niyong magka-anak
ng asawa niyo, dapat nakatagilid kayo habang
gumagawa." -Ma'am Meggie, Zoo 10

10. "Last sem was the first time that I gave a
grade of 5, and it felt good!!!"
Prof Goldie, Comm II, circa 1998, first day of class

nung freshie ako:
atheist ako, pero pag nasa bahay, nagro rosary kami
ng Nanay ko, eh kung magalit sa kin yun.
--Socio 11 Prof

11. "you do not fall in love; you rise in love.
That's how you love rationally." --Dr. FG david

12. "Try to die! Try to die!" - sir billones,
on a student who is palpitating while taking the exam. He
claims that after incident refreshed na lagi yung
estudyante. If I know, pag naaalala ng
estudyanteng yun yung moment na yun,
kaya siya laging refreshed, kasi natatawa siya pag
naaalala niya iyon.

13. "Anong molars? You don't say molars because
it is an adjective! Do you say beautifuls?" - ma'am
ilao, to a student who said "n molars"

14. "Kahit magpakamatay ka pa di mo masasagot yang
problem set na yan dahil pang-157 (phy chem II) yan!" -

15. "Do not memorize! Analyze!" - doc nic,
advising us, her students never to memorize reaction

16. "Kaya nga ideal eh, hindi siya nangyayari sa
totoong buhay. Pero an approximation is good enough" -
sir engle, on ideal and real systems

17. "Don't take the BAR and yourselves too
seriously. baka mabalitaan nalang namin na nag-o-oral
summation kayo sa Luneta. O lumulutang-lutang sa PasigRiver. Enjoy
yourselves, relax, and read at least 15 hours a day.
Nakakabobo ang sobrang tulog. MAg relax ka habang nagbabasa. Magrelax
habang nagmi-memorize. "

18. "Pag nananaba ka sa oras ng exams, ibig sabihin
di ka papasa."

19. "Oh the BAR isn't scary. It's
terrifying. It might even kill you."
and the unforgettable: "Wow. Rape-able."
and "Stand up Miss ___ so that I might see the contours
of your body."

alternately encouraging and disheartening ang drama
nitong prof na'to.

20. Ito naman from our Prof. Ancient:
"Mga engineers? Nako. Bihira pumapasa sa

"UP ka nag-undergrad? Bright ka ba?"

"Sa mga taga-UP lang ako bilib eh. Pagpasok nila
sa lawschool, hindi sila disoriented. Bilib ako sa study
habits na meron yang mga batang yan. Some of them look like
they eat kamote thrice a day, pero ang utak, di
ututin!" (ewan ko kung matutuwa ako dito o hindi)

21. sabi ng aming
dean who is 80 yrs old, "class your laughing now,
but i will predecease you all"

22. prof: O, meron na bang nakapunta sa inyong XXX
class: (tahimik)
prof: (medyo nadisappoint) Ano?! Puro na lang ba kayo
Aral na lang kayo ng aral, ha? Wala na kayong
napupuntahan kakaaral niyo!

same prof: Nakita niyo na ba ang Hooverdam?
class: (tahimik uli)
prof: Hehehehe, ang yabang ko talaga!

Second day of classes
Same Prof: (kinuha ang box ng colored chalks) Ano ba
naman ito... (tapos iniitsa sa lamesa yung mga dark colored
class: (tahimik na nagmamasid)
Prof: Class, sulatan niyo ang manufacturer ng chalk
na ito, at sabihing tanggalin na ang mga walang kwentang
kulay na ito... brown, green, violet. hindi makikita ito sa
board. Convince them
class: (tahimik at gulat)

Prof: and .25 incentive sa final grade niyo!

23. terror prof after an exam (last day na din ng
class..): ok class.. see you next sem!

"Ateneo is not a university, it's a diploma
mill. Bakit ba nakangiti pa mga estudyante dyan kapag
lalabas sila ng gate nila, hindi ba nila nalalaman ang nami-miss
nila sa edukasyon?"

"The more wisdom you obtain, the more you shut
your mouth. This is because the more that you learn, the
more you realize that there are even more things that you do
not know. The true mark of an idiot is a loudmouth, the true
mark of a wise man is humility" --Paraphrased
galing kay PI100. best prof sa CAL.

24. "IE? Di naman engineering yun e" –Thesis adviser

25. Classmate: Ma'am, pwede po bang next week na kami
mag report?
Ma'am: Alam mo, God is good. And I am God. So
yes, pwede next week.

26. galing kay sir U eliserio during creative writing
"try everything once except incest"

and one day pumasok ng room, galit na galit. hinagis
ang bag sa table, nagwawala sa harap ng room dahil hindi daw
nasagot ng previous class niya ang question niya.
kaya dapat daw masagot namin, ang makasagot may plus points.
kapag walang makasagot, lagot kami. ang tanong....
"class, sinong lalaking artista dun sa TV show na wonder years"?

27. "Mamatay na mangopya..." saka "Ang hindi maka-100, bobo!".

28. "im gay. so gay i could show you my penis
because it is but an accessory to my body"
-jean navera, spcm1

29. FIRST DAY OF CLASSES: "Kung may boyfriend o
girlfriend kayo na hindi taga-UP, hiwalayan niyo na agad.
Walang pupuntahan yan. Hindi kayo
magkaka-intindihan. Tapos yung mga anak niyo, magiging
bobo. Gusto niyo ba yun?" (si Avecilla malamang ito!)

30. ANOTHER PROF: "Hoy girls, wag kayong kukuha ng
boyfriend dito sa UP. Pare-parehas tayong mahirap dito.
Kumuha kayo ng mayaman. 80% of the child's
intelligence comes from the Mother naman eh. Kayo guys, wag
kayo kukuha ng bobong babae. Kahit matalino kayo, magiging bobo
anak niyo."

31. "Class, Chinatownis not in China. And Ateneo de
Manila University is not... a university."

32. STUDENT: Sir, pwede po magpa-sit in yung friends ko?
PROF: From what school are they?
STUDENT: St. Scho po.
PROF: "Go ahead. So they'll realize what
they're missing. St. Scho, St. Scho... eskwelahan na ba
yun sa inyo?!"

33. sa PHILO:

34. "Class, kaya mahal ang bayad sa mga professors
sa ibang school kasi ang bobobo ng mga estudyante dun. Dyuskoh,
I used to teach there... at lumuluha talaga ako ng
dugo bago maintindihan ng mga students yung sinasabi ko. Ang
mahal nga ng bayad, magkakasakit ka naman sa panga kakaulit ng
lessons! Wag na lang! Dito na ko sa UP, at least
nagkakaintindihan tayo. Diba?"

35. Dahil kami ang mga huling estudyante ni Dr.David at
mahal na mahal namin siya, nag-compile kami dati ng mga
quotable quotes mula sa kanya. Ito ang ilan:

"Meanings we find are the meanings we
"The measure of a man is how many doors he has
opened to other people, especially to those he doesn't
"To be born is to die. In between they grow and
multiply like flies. 6.2 billion people in the world.
Kadiri, ano?"
"Why not life? Why call it soul? Call a spade a
"Earth is the only heaven we can know."
"religion is a successful economic institution"
"Do not live long enough to be worthless."
"Domestication of the human male is one of the
greatest achievement of the human race."
"I do not know many. I only know enough to teach
my classes."

36. "We do not accept anyone here in class except
for those who are members of a certain minority group. For
example, gays are part of a minority group, bakla ka
ba? If you admit to this class that you are gay, then
I'll admit you"
-Prof "hail to the chair", to a guy student
na nagpre-prerog

37. "kapatid ng sinungaling ang magnanakaw.
"ergo, gma's marriage to mike arroyo is null
and void ab initio."

consti law class, 1st sem, AY 2005-06

38. "running for summa ka? mapapagod ka lang."

39. "Bilib ka kay Alan Peter Cayetano? E ambaba ng
grades n'un e!"

40. "Si Miriam, crush ko 'yun dati. Muntikan na
maging kami, kaso nasiraan ng ulo, kaya 'yun, iba ang
asawa ko."

41. "Class, gusto ko kayong i-train na mag-English,
so when you're here in class, magsalita kayo ng English!
Ako lang ang exempted dahil matanda na ako at ako ang

42. Ma'am Vitriolo (2nd to the last meeting)
Okay class, next week, we start the lecture proper.

43. more of Ma'am Ilao "Hindi mahirap makakuha
ng UNO sa class ko. Yung gumradweeeyt last year na Magna Cum Laude ng Biochem,
uno siya sakin sa Chem 18"

44. Sabi ng Prof ko dahil may kaklase akong recite ng
recite w/o raising her hand "I think this is the first time i have a student w/ tourette
in my class..."
Recite parin ng recite yung student "Wow the
ejaculatory comments just don't stop!"

45. from my socsci1 prof last sem: "Birds of the
same feather FLOCK together...don' t forget the L".

46. "I'll strangle you, strangle you really
hard, smack right in your jugular (pause ng mga 5 seconds),
you do know where your jugular is?"

47. "Be ready with your speech because I am going to
lambaste you!"
-namutla nalang yung classmate kong freshie after
hearing sir navera sa spcm 1 namin

48. 'bakit parang napakaligaya ng klase niyo? maging
sad naman kayo, 5 mins.' - prof ko sa math 100.

49. "well of course when you sell your soul you have
to make an elaborate justification to make yourself feel
good." -Sir Walden Bello, Socio 127,
this sem grabe ang galing ni sir bello. nakakaamaze.

50. "ano bang natapos mo? italian 8?"

"punyetissima! " (sosyal pati mura

"look at me i'm 433 years old pero ang lakas
lakas ko pa. eh kung walang gulay eh di kakain na lang ako
ng damo. kung wala eh di tubig, kung wala mag-ipon na
lang ako ng laway."
-Sir Tiamson, Italian 11, this sem

51. When you graduate, then you begin to live.
-Dr. Carmen Jimenez, Psych 118

52. from Prof Soresca in my spanish 1 class
Prof:"Mr. Gatbunton, why are you late?!"
Student:"Sorry Mam, galing pa ako Las
Prof: "Ladies, don't marry somebody from Las
Pinas because they have bamboo organs!!"

53. "there are only two countries who still use
Fahrenheit.. the United States of America and Liberia... a
pathetic country in africa"

--Sir Argete

54. Marx is more Christian than Christ and Christ is more
Marxist than Marx. - Sir Lanuza.

55. May kaklase ako, may jowang taga Ateneo
"Ateneo? How could you love someone from the

56. sa geol11, ayaw mag-recite ng mga classmates ko..
sabi ni ma'am cathy "wag na mahiya, you have
nothing to lose but your face.."

57. si sir agapito..habang 2nd exam at malakas ang ulan..

"ang lakas ng ulan, ayos yan at least hindi
halata pag umiiyak.."

58. Class: Sir, sa exams po ba nagbibigay kayo ng partial
Prof: Hmm, if I see partial wisdom.

59. "It's okay to smoke inside my class. As long
as you don't breathe it out." -Dr. Obsioma, Biodiversity

60. "Oh, this is good. It's poetic because
it's perfectly stupid." - Ricardo de
Ungria last week on my classmate's work.

61. Prof: Did I remind the class last meeting that
we're going to have an exam today?
Class: (dead air)
Prof: Ok, it seems I forgot to remind the class that
we're going to have an exam today. I'm giving you
five minutes then to buy a bluebook. We're going
to have an exam today.

62. sir tiamson (span 11)
"ayan, di ka makasagot. yung bakal sa ngipin mo
naapektuhan na yung pagsasalita mo"

Sunday, December 14, 2008

i feel it in my fingers, i feel it in my toes..

Christmas is all around me
and so the feeling grows..

It's written in the wind,
It's everywhere I go,
So if you really love Christmas
C'mon and let it snow

it makes me sick whenever I hear people say "Christmas na diay? dili pa nako feel".. Oh, don't deny it, we get it every year, some may even be guilty of saying it. and whenever someone even utters the first three words of that sentence, a voice in the back of my head just goes off, yah yah we know the drill..haha honestly. call me crazy.

Whenever the calendar flips over to its last page, you just feel it in the air! Garcia Marquez calls it december breeezes. I call it..uhmm.. that too! hahaha the city just lights up with a spectral resonance and there is just a certain glow in everybody's faces that isn't there in any other time of year.


or am i just the biggest christmas nut ever?


i'm ecstatic. can't put everything into words..

caveman blogging activate!

simbang gabi na bukas

masarap ang kakanin kahit hindi ko alam anong tawag sa kanila

i miss singing in a choir

Christmas is the best time of the year! (with matching repeating dance step pa)

i really love my new layout! salamat renz

i'm gonna watch love actually again

this is our second christmas without lola. i miss her

where the hell did I put my copy of A Christmas Carol?

tiki, we better be having mall shows this christmas

i really miss my sister, she's in Cebu. we both love this song XD

she better be bringing some bad ass pasalubong!

You know I love Christmas
I always will
My mind's made up
the way that I feel.
There's no beginning,
there'll be no end,
coz on Christmas,
you can depend..


i feel it in my fingers, i feel it in my toes..

Christmas Is All Around - Billy Mack

Christmas is all around me
and so the feeling grows..

It's written in the wind,
It's everywhere I go,
So if you really love Christmas
C'mon and let it snow

it makes me sick whenever I hear people say "Christmas na diay? dili pa nako feel".. Oh, don't deny it, we get it every year, some may even be guilty of saying it. and whenever someone even utters the first three words of that sentence, a voice in the back of my head just goes off, yah yah we know the drill..haha honestly. call me crazy.

Whenever the calendar flips over to its last page, you just feel it in the air! Garcia Marquez calls it december breeezes. I call it..uhmm.. that too! hahaha the city just lights up with a spectral resonance and there is just a certain glow in everybody's faces that isn't there in any other time of year.


or am i just the biggest christmas nut ever?


i'm ecstatic. can't put everything into words..

caveman blogging activate!

simbang gabi na bukas

masarap ang kakanin kahit hindi ko alam anong tawag sa kanila

i miss singing in a choir

Christmas is the best time of the year! (with matching repeating dance step pa)

i really love my new layout! salamat renz

i'm gonna watch love actually again

this is our second christmas without lola. i miss her

where the hell did I put my copy of A Christmas Carol?

tiki, we better be having mall shows this christmas

i really miss my sister, she's in Cebu. we both love this song XD

she better be bringing some bad ass pasalubong!

You know I love Christmas
I always will
My mind's made up
the way that I feel.
There's no beginning,
there'll be no end,
coz on Christmas,
you can depend..

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

by all means

I do not usually do this..let me rephrase that, I do not do this. I do not irresponsibly rant whenever I fail at doing something. I'm cool. I can graciously accept defeat.

But I shall have to make this statement. When you wanted to play by your rules, you had need only to inform me. I asked to be briefed didn't I? Since you were terribly omniscient about the rules and never failed to show it, why did you fail to impress us all by sharing this little piece of information? So much for real sportsmanship.

It's one thing to play with skill and it's one other thing to play relying merely on your opponent's naiveté. Oh, you need not give me that ignorance-of-the-law-is-not-an-excuse bullshit. By all means, I know my rules, and it certainly didn't include one that, for all i know, has been made up by someone so desperate of saving himself after she has counted all her chickens. It reminds me of that Joey Tribbiani episode when he was playing poker on national television and he only had a queen so he said we all know what that means.. "the queen is alone without the king so she gets lonely and eats chips! numnumnumnum" hahaha. that used to be so funny. got to give me break, tie? lie?! any preschooler can rhyme, it's even second nature to dumb cheerleaders. You like hell do not get to give me that ugly smirk, because you can very well die of loser's-lergy if only I had finished that game right then and there and numnumed all your precious tiles, which I could and certainly would have. By all means enjoy your pitiful victory, but keep in mind you won't be hearing my last.

whew. now that's out. i just wanted it out of my system. i think all this negative energy is breeding on itself and it gave me this goddamn headache and, as i publish this, is now gone

(by all many times did i say that?)

Friday, November 21, 2008

feelings feelings

it's crazy being up at this hour. and its even crazier what gets into your head when you're left all alone to think. just think. i haven't allowed myself to entertain this nagging thought that i happen to be entertaining now.

i'm not good at writing feelings and i incessantly avoid writing them here for all the world to see and not care about.

this could be dead on

she said, "no one is alone the way you are alone"
and you held her looser than you would have if you ever could have known
some things tie your life together, slender threads and things to treasure
days like that should last and last and last

but you've already lost
when you only had barely enough of her to
hang on.

Monday, October 27, 2008

finally, something to write about

i was thinking that this sembreak, i could get my creative juices flowing (friendster horoscope gave me that idea..i should have known it to be all goofus) and write plenty of blog entries, book reviews, you know, the usual deal, but I never knew 3 weeks of R&R could also mean 3 weeks of complete and utter boredom which is downright frustrating and unbecoming for a great mind like this one.hem hem. My brain has been lacking from any form of stimulation and I wonder if it hasn't deteriorated due to lack of use or even, abuse, for that matter, i tell you, any of the two would have been welcome. I had nothing to read, i realized that I finished reading all the books i borrowed in the thick of the exams, that left me with nothing for the semestral break. a whole stretch of time that could have been wisely spent leisure reading not opening the refrigerator every 5 seconds hoping something would pop up eventually, and fighting a losing battle against a stubborn headache you get from too much sleep knowing you are wholeheartedly supporting the cause. all the books at home I've already read like a gazillion times, even an Archie would have made my day, but not even that..gosh, you feelin' me? on top of all that, my TV broke down. I couldn't even have my television fix! my precious quality time glued to the tube was all wasted. where was civilization when I needed it? not in UPmin surely.

What the hell was I supposed to do?


so I'm gonna write about..




[one eternity later] (as spongebob would say)






whichever yaya!

and finally this!


what was I supposed to write again?

oh yeah..sembreak pa nga pala XD

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

screaming infidelities

I'm missing your bed, I never sleep
Avoiding the spots where we'd have to speak
And this bottle of beast is taking me home.

I'm cuddling close to blankets and sheets
You're not alone and you're not discreet.
You make sure I know who's taking you home.

I'm reading your note over again,
There's not a word that I comprehend,
Except when you signed it:
"I'll love you always and forever"

As for now I'm gonna hear the saddest songs,
And sit alone and wonder, how you're making out.
And as for me I wish that I was anywhere, with anyone, making out.

I'm missing your laugh,
How did it break?
And when did your eyes
Begin to look fake?
I hope you're as happy as you're pretending

I'm cuddling close to blankets and sheets
I am alone in my defeat
I wish I knew you were safely at home

I'm missing your bed, I never sleep.
Avoiding the spots where we'd have to speak.
And this bottle of beast is taking me home.

Well as for now I'm gonna hear the saddest songs,
And sit alone and wonder...
How you're making out.
And as for me I wish that I was anywhere, with anyone...
Making out

Your hair it's everywhere.
Screaming infidelities and taking its wear.
Your hair it's everywhere.
Screaming infidelities and taking its wear.
Your hair it's everywhere.
Screaming infidelities and taking its wear.
Your hair it's everywhere.
Screaming infidelities and taking its wear

just symptoms of LSS..really

Friday, October 17, 2008

18 years worth of reflections

This already sounds too much like a high school paper so I'll try to spare you from all the crap, but then I still have to tell you my story, so here goes nothing..

I was born 11:58 pm on October 18, 1990.

I had a major operation at 9 months and a minor operation when I was 3. You can say that I'm a really lucky kid to survive all that. But I think, everyone's lucky to have me.

I kept most to myself when I was a kid, I loved puzzles and books.

My whole childhood was all smiles, I'm proud to say I had a happy childhood, happily boring that is to be told here, so I'm just breezing through.

I went to Matina Preschool and Values School for my primary education both schools we partly owned so I went there for free. I was a natural in school, I made everything look easy and boring. I graduated class valedictorian mostly because there were only 10 of us who graduated.

High school, I was in for a rude awakening. They said it was a jungle out there, and I got my jungle all right! And I sure made it into more of a jungle than it was supposed to be.

First year was a breeze. I never knew I was so good at socializing. I was popular, smart, everyone loved me, at least in my section. That was all that mattered in a school of 8000. You had all the social cliques right there in a class of 50 people. And in our case, we were much better off, being in the pilot section in our batch, everyone looked up to us.

The years to follow, I started taking crap from people and then I decided to fade into the murky background of my high school canvass. I gave up my stint in the student government, the science club, I like hell didn't care what I got for grades. That was when I got to know the greatest people I have ever met.

These were the best years, for the first time I could say that I was happy. I found my niche right there in a group so unlikely of me to be found in. We goofed around and slacked off on all our projects. My crowd entered a room and we owned it. We laughed our heads off, sing nonsensical songs with our own made up lyrics and exuded an aura of carefreeness.. if there never was such a word, then it would have been invented to describe us.We were accused of plenty of things, like being shallow and downright mean. But what was that I said again? Oh yeah. We really didn't care.

I had pretty good vantage from where I was at that point. I saw things for what they truly were, thanks to a good friend and mentor. I learned to spit at the face of convention, wave my middle finger and swear. And I found that this wasn't such a bad thing to do, given what we had, we were doing everyone a favor, getting them to snap out of all the prosthetic and the fake.

I got to do plenty of things that I loved to do, like singing. Ever since I can remember, I always got lost in the music. So I was glad that I got formal music education by singing in a choir. I looked up to our conductor, he taught me plenty of valuable lessons. He once told me to never stop singing because it's one of the things that you will continue doing in heaven. I never was one for talking about heavenly things but that got me into thinking.

There were times when ambition got in the way of my happiness but I got over that. And it just made me love life more.

Graduation came and some major disappointments. I was surprised at how I beat myself up for not making it to the list, considering what I've been doing, not even divine intervention can save me from with honors hell. I guess I just didn't want to disappoint my parents, but they never were disappointed in me, they knew I was good at what I do and I just ended up disappointing myself. They were always so proud of me and it sucked big time for not having given them even that to be proud of.

College years came and I needed a fresh start, everyone went their separate ways and I was suddenly on my own on this all new venture. I really needed to start from scratch, I didn't know anyone from the program I chose and I certainly didn't have anything to brag about my high school days except that I got 99+ on the NCAE, i guessed that ought to count for something, not everyone is equipped with the whole package up there, but then again, no one really took that exam seriously not even me.I slept through most of it. So, with one hand in my pocket and a scholarship slip on the other (a plus I didn't expect), I enrolled in UP.

I spent most of my first semester wandering around like a zombie, I never really was myself, and I missed everyone like hell. I was wondering where my old self went, the loud, and confident-verging-on-cocky one. I have always been such a klutz but still I was always so sure of myself. I was aware that I've become just an ephemeral presence, present in the closeup but not in the bigger picture.

A few semenders later and I finally warmed up to the idea that I got a bunch of friends here that do get me. And they just might be the best bloc in the world, might even be the best batch in the world that could have ever happened to me. And given that, I'm really thankful.

And that's what I've been up to the past 18 years, in general that is. I've had plenty of highs, done plenty of things you're not supposed to be proud of, but this is how I wanted everything to happen, letting the chips fall where they may, trying everything, just that for the most part, I am happy. If I hadn't known better, I would have made plenty of deletions, so easy like I did with parts of my writing today, but now I understand that with every moment gone, another chapter of my life has been published, and in reality, with no further editions.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

birthday blast! XD

WAPAK!! yun na yung blast

now here comes the party

mga importanteng detalye:

very important indeed..

WHAT? birthday blast/ sem-ender
WHO? us! ralph, anj, mikko you! BIO
WHERE? forest hill! REN-DEZ-VOUS: sm village convenience store
WHEN? tomorrow!! 8..we don't like waiting
WHY? because it was meant to be
HOW? joyfully
HOW MUCH? 50-70 for entrance..sadly ni siya dili joyfully..huhu
WHY NOT? oo nga naman
WHAT IF? wala'y mangadto? maayo, kay kami lang mangaon
HOW COME? because the gods are crazy and the stars are blind, wise words from Ms. Hilton

boring question:

  • swimming outfit, wala'y cotton..tama ba?
  • spoon and fork, plato at baso kung gusto niyo
  • FOOD DONATIONS..dili siya mandatory
  • aiai, lyle-cake, aidz-booze, kyle-ice cream, mon-junkfood, further questions

can't come?!

since mag 18 na kami..

well here's 18 reasons why you should..

isa-isa lang mo oi..gara sad mo

NEIL: opportunity to flower (context clue..G?)
MON: opportunity to spread the love
LYLE: opportunity to " " "
CHA: opportunity to try (lol! dili daw siya sure na makaadto)
MARK: opportunity to hang
JOIE: opportunity to buy new sandals
AI2: opportunity to get go white girl!
JAMES: opportunity to shopping
DOMS: opportunity to karaoke ourselves
KYLE: opportunity to make friends..awww kamo ba!
AIDZ: opportunity to
RENZ: opportunity to multiply
SHEARA: opportunity to allergy herself
LIANE: opportunity to liempo
LIEZEL: opportunity para maligo!!! haha.peace liz!
MARIA: opportunity na makauban
JULY: opportunity to grab
YURI: opportunity to GRUB!!!

life lesson: grab every opportunity as they come guys..oha oha!

Monday, October 13, 2008

and thus, my evil plans are not thwarted!!! XD

BUWAHAHAHAHA!!!! XD I like hell deserve that evil laugh over there. haha.. I passed organic chem!!! i could break into a jig right now! Woo! And you know what that means?..I'm guessing you don't..But I sure do know what that means..(insert evil sarcastic grin here) well, you'd need to have the workings of a sinister mind here to get those gears turning. they would need a bit of tweaking.BUWAHAHAHAHA!! XD

discard immediately.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

and break

"we watch the season pull up its own stakes and catch the last weekend of the last week. before the gold and the glimmer have been replaced, another sun soaked season fades away."

Another semester has come and gone, for some of us, though, not including me, not just yet. I had my fair share of highs and disappointments. I'm relieved that it's almost over but somehow it makes me feel kind of sad for some reason and look back at how fast everything's gone. We had fun did we guys? haha..

"invitation only, grant farewells, crush the best one, of the best ones, clear liquor and cloudy eyed, too early to say goodnight"

It's really too early too go all cheesy but bear with me because words and lyrics just happen to keep gushing out of my mind right now and I need to get it out before I start my relentless cramming for tomorrow's exam.

"and from the ballroom floor we are in celebration, one good stretch before our hibernation. Our dreams assured and we all, will sleep well.."

Tomorrow. though in our case it isn't a ballroom but an exam room, bluebooks in hand, one more examination marathon stretch, but after tomorrow, all will be over. But I'm sincerely hoping that we'd have reason to celebrate after this.

And of course..sleep well..sleep well

"I watch you spin around in the highest heels. You are the best one, of the best ones. We all look like we feel.."

Sunday, October 5, 2008


## - 55520


sa net.comp ed namin nun, biglang nagwala aking mga kaklase


hindi. tsk tsk

applied mathematics


biology, pasado naman ako sa first choice pero bigla na lang akong tinopak at gusto ko nang magbio bago magpaenroll, at mabilis naman ako tinanggap sa registrar over the phone

hindi pa..haha

oo, for two semesters and record breaking aking number of offenses. so like twice ako naevict so kinailangan kong mag appeal. 2nd time, I didn't bother


.:. NAGKA-3?
wala pa..hehe



had to spend the night right outside my boarding house because I didn't have a key. and that was before the cheerdance, so i really had my rest..boohoo

oo, late, madalas pa talagang tulog

wala. ay bios pala

oo, DOST

oo, siguro, pero hindi pa ito naging sanhi ng drastic measures on my part (ang pangit ng aking filipino..hehe)

hopefully, by 2011...

.:. FAVE PROF (s):
BOT 3 and MCB 1 teachers!

wala pa naman..

AH1, mga BIO subjects ko and MATH

my CHEM subjects, it really stemmed from this high school thing

CSM Library para matulog, Mana Lydia and Wildlife para magtong-its

CSM syempre

Mana Lydia

P7.00 papasok UPmin, P20.00 galing downtown. mahalaceous bitch

oo. perfect for power naps bago mag exam

oo, humingi lang ng paracetamol


.:. BF/GF?

siguro, no plans yet, really

Foundations for Physical Fitness. Table Tennis and Philippine Folk Dance, aerobics?!..woo!!

great! good people

hindi pa.

Oo. syempre naman, memorize ko nga mga kanta ni ms. hilton, up naming mahal pa kaya..


oo, mga tatlong beses..yabang! woo!

exams.yung paisa-isang exam a day.aksaya sa pamasahe.. -tama marlou

hindi na kailangan..haha

let me see, the freedom wall, the teachers, the people, the academic freedom

ano ba? dorm? mga tao sa OSA?

hindi, lalo na yung second, buti nasauli ang nawala kong wallet ng isang napakabuting HH driver

uhmm.. hindi pagsign-in and out sa dorm? wala. wala pa naman, maybe in the future

Kung ikaw ay naging Iskolar ng Bayan, malaya kang sagutin ang mga katanungang ito

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Come on hold my hand,
I wanna contact the living.
Not sure I understand,
This role I’ve been given.

I sit and talk to God
And he just laughs at my plans,
My head speaks a language, I don’t understand.

I just wanna feel real love,
Feel the home that I live in.
’cause I got too much life,
Running through my veins, going to waste.

I don’t wanna die,
But I ain’t keen on living either.
Before I fall in love,
I’m preparing to leave her.
I scare myself to death,
That’s why I keep on running.
Before I’ve arrived, I can see myself coming.

I just wanna feel real love,
Feel the home that I live in.
’cause I got too much life,
Running through my veins, going to waste.

And I need to feel, real love
And a life ever after.
I cannot get enough.

I just wanna feel real love,
In a life ever after
There’s a hole in my soul,
You can see it in my face, it’s a real big place.

Come and hold my hand,
I wanna contact the living,
Not sure I understand,
This role I’ve been given

Not sure I understand.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

do walruses even walk? --academic rantings

suppose that you crack my head open right now, all you'd get is chicken noodle soup.. seriously..well, at least you'd have dinner.

ugh..repulsive and horrifying notion.

anyway..i was relieved when the cheerdance was over, not that I regretted singing up for it, in fact I was in it for the glory baby and I got my greedy share (evil laugh here), but it was like out of the frying pan and into the fire, because we were immediately bombarded by an endless stream of exams that just kept coming and coming, it's a huge surprise I'm alive to tell you the story..

no. not really.

I'm already at an all-time high for coming up for exams and not even aware that there was to be an exam in the first place (?). Like for instance in PE, I was so proud that at least I had one answer. We were given pictures of aerobic exercises and I was fairly confident at answering one item, I called it the walrus when it turned out to be the seal walk. I don't know about the authority at naming aerobic exercises, but I think, seals and walruses walk the same way. And correct me if I'm wrong, you don't even call that walking right? Well tough luck at guessing but I had a backup, I called it the pushcart, guess what they call it? the human wheelbarrow! like it's the most obvious thing in the world!

way to go dude.

and there was MIKROS.. this kept us preoccupied for a while, as if we didn't have enough to keep us busy. But I had fun with this one. I'm happy Ma'am Marie made us do it. I'm so proud of us all! XD

and then comes hellweek

The last remaining days of the sem and the torture level must be maintained, if not raised. and you can't mess with that. It's a thing called tradition.

I'll be glad when all this is over but for the meantime I better do myself a favor and start reading up if I plan on passing organic chem.

or not.

Friday, September 19, 2008

jesus of suburbia

I'm the son of rage and love
the Jesus of Suburbia
The bible of none of the above
on a steady diet of
soda pop and Ritalin
No one ever died for my sins in hell
as far as I can tell
at least the ones that I got away with

And there's nothing wrong with me
this is how I'm supposed to be
In a land of make believe
that don't believe in me

Get my television fix
Sitting on my crucifix
the living room in my private womb
while the Moms and Brats are away
To fall in love and fall in debt
to alcohol and cigarettes
and Mary Jane
to keep me insane
doing someone else's cocaine

And there's nothing wrong with me
this is how I'm supposed to be
In a land of make believe
that don't believe in me

At the center of the earth
In the parking lot
Of the 7-11 were I was taught
The motto was just a lie

It says home is where your heart is
but what a shame
cause everyone's heart
doesn't beat the same
It's beating out of time

City of the dead
at the end of another lost highway
Signs misleading to nowhere
City of the damned
Lost children with dirty faces today
No one really seems to care

I read the graffiti
In the bathroom stall
Like the holy scriptures of a shopping mall
And so it seemed to confess

It didn't say much
But it only confirmed that
the center of the earth
Is the end of the world
And I could really care less

City of the dead
At the end of another lost highway
Signs misleading to nowhere
City of the damned
Lost children with dirty faces today
No one really seems to care

I don't care if you don't
I don't care if you don't
I don't care if you don't care

I don't care if you don't
I don't care if you don't
I don't care if you don't care

I don't care if you don't
I don't care if you don't
I don't care if you don't care

I don't care if you don't
I don't care if you don't
I don't care if you don't care

I don't care

Everyone is so full of shit
Born and raised by hypocrites
Hearts recycled but never saved
From the cradle to the grave
We are the kids of war and peace
From Anaheim to the Middle East
We are the stories and disciples of
The Jesus of suburbia

Land of make believe
And it don't believe in me
Land of make believe
And I don't believe
And I don't care!

I don't care
I don't care
I don't care
I don't care

Dearly beloved are you listening?
I can't remember a word that you were saying
Are we demented or am I disturbed?
The space that's in between insane and insecure

Oh therapy, can you please fill the void?
Am I retarded or am I just overjoyed?

Nobody's perfect and I stand accused
For lack of a better word, and that's my best excuse

To live, and not to breathe
Is to die, in tragedy
To run, to run away
To find, what you believe

And I leave behind
This hurricane of fucking lies
I lost my faith to this
This town that don't exist
So I run, I run away
To the lights of masochists

And I, leave behind
This hurricane of fucking lies
And I, walked this line
A million and one fucking times
But not this time

I don't feel any shame
I won't apologize
When there ain't nowhere you can go
Running away from pain
When you've been victimized
Tales from another broken home

You're leaving
You're leaving
You're leaving
Ah, you're leaving home.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

i dunno, i just thought of it and then I wrote it down

i remember watching wizards of waverly place, the episode where Selena Gomez went to the CRazy ten minute sale, and then there was this signature mean girl with her two signature dumb blonde sidekicks (i don't remember if they were even blonde). And then one of the dumb sidekicks suddenly let go of a snappy comeback, and then the other one said "wow! good one!" and then she replied "i dunno, I just thought of it and then I said it!" and she was so proud!LOL

hence the title..because i'm just gonna rant until all you people rot in hell XD

I don't know about dumb blondes, but them being signature characters in teen movies is what makes these movies so much fun!haha I suddenly miss watching american teenage subculture type of movies which they don't make very often nowadays..tsk tsk the 90's was a good era..

since you got me started, now I'm gonna talk about pop culture, a classmate of mine had a report on POP culture and I was surprised at how much I still know from all the rubbish I've picked up over the last few years despite my permanent exile to UPminland. I guess I'm what you call a pop culture slave. I guess we all are and that includes you.

I went to SM this morning with some friends. There was this book that everyone has been dying to read. It was a book released in 2005, but suddenly exploded into an overnight success, maybe due to (i am just assuming) it having its film adaptation. When we got to NBS, we found out that they only sold hardbound copies. It was a bit too expensive for some book that might probably disappoint you. But my friend still bought one (and I'm gonna be the first to borrow..hehe). We saw one friend from school and she bought two. The books were literally flying off the shelves. I even saw some people carrying them around as they strolled through the mall. Everyone was dying to get into the craze.

My example might not be entirely accurate but it's screaming pop culture all over the place! you got to admit it. We are all slaves to pop culture. c'mon, who doesn't love MTV? I admit MTV has influenced me a lot. I can even recall some MTV ads and think of them as happy childhood memories!haha i kid! i kid!

Gosh, I suddenly miss having MTV..

Popular Culture is the culture defined by what is deemed to be "popular" (what a whimsical play of words ;)) and followed by a common multitude. and it's not a bad thing to wear those watermelony outfits with your overly colored skinny jeans, because pop culture is what defines some of us as a generation.

However, it's also great to be unique.although there are only too few of us..haha I am only a sponge to information such as pop culture, I don't necessarily engage in such queer, unsettling behavior..haha Bah! excuses!

anyway, I was supposed to write a shallow, no-brainer article, but I guess this comes naturally..

---gosh, it's so hard pretending to be deep..hehe

Saturday, September 6, 2008

I melt with you

  1. Put Your iTunes/Windows Media Player/ETC on Shuffle.
  2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
  4. Put any comments in brackets after the song name.
  5. Put this on your journal.



If someone says, “Is this okay?” You say?


After all that we've been through, i know we're cool...



How would you describe yourself?

-"wake me up when september ends"

here comes the rain again, falling from the stars, drenched in my pain again, becoming who we my memory rests but never forget what i lost, wake me up when september ends ..

[tamang tama.literal?. haha]


What do you like in a girl/guy?

-"your body is a wonderland"

one mile to every inch of your skin like porcelain, one pair of candy lips and your bubblegum tongue.

[hahaha..very appropriate!]


How do you feel today?

-"a day in the life"

woke up, got out of bed, dragged a comb across my head, found my way downstairs and drank a cup, and looking up, i noticed i was late.

[ really makes sense.]


What is your life’s purpose?


i said something wrong, now i long for yesterday.

[waah..yesterday..tsk tsk]


What do your friends think of you?

-"The Scientist"

tell me your secrets and ask me your questions, oh let's go back to the start

[haha. Salamat!]


What do you think of your parents?


someday, when the world has passed me by, i'll look around and wonder why, you were always there for me.



What do you think about very often?

-"blue and yellow"

Should've done something, but I've done it the way, your hands were shaking, rather waste some time with you.

[tut tut]


What is 2 + 2?

"Dear Prudence"

won't you come out to play..



What do you think of your best friend?
-"Put your records on"

girl put your records on. tell me your favorite song, just go ahead let your hair down

[mmhmm.bestfriend..ok,haha i'm thinking of someone and she's a girl]


What do you think of the person you like?

-"Basket case"

do you have the time? to listen to me whine? about nothing and everything all at once..

[tama. tama. :)]


What is your life story?

-"No such thing"

"Welcome to the real world", she said to me, condescendingly, take a seat, take your life, plot it out in black and white. Well I never lived the dream of the prom kings and the drama queens. I'd like to think the best of me is still hiding up my sleeve.They love to tell you stay inside the lines but something's better on the other side

[hahaha..perfect perfect XD]


What do you want to be when you grow up?

-"Don't Speak"

You and me, I can see us dying..aren't we?

[nag antay talaga ako ng relevant na lyrics..haha..very morbid]


What do you think of when you see the person you like?

-"I won't let you lie to yourself"

so don't go sayin', contemplatin' that i'm better off alone cuz you're amazing you drive me crazy. when you gonna know? you're too proud to let it show but i won't let you lie to yourself

[hilas hilas..hehehe]


What will you dance to at your wedding?

-"The Zephyr Song"

Fly away on my zephyr, i feel it more than ever, and in this perfect weather, we'll find a place together

[very danceable..hahaha]


What will they play at your funeral?


Look at the stars, look how they shine for you. and everything you do. and they were all yellow...



What is your hobby/interest?


I know a girl she puts the color inside of my world. She's just like a maze where all of the walls are continually changed. And I've done all I can to stand in the steps with my heart in my hand..

[sounds so]


What is your biggest fear?

-"Never ever"

A few questions that I need to know how you could ever hurt me so. I need to know what I've done wrong and how long it's been going on. Was it that I never paid enough attention? Or did I not give enough affection? Not only will your answers keep me sane but I'll know never to make the same mistake again. You can tell me to my face or even on the phone. You can write it in a letter, either way, I have to know. Did I never treat you right?Did I always start the fight?Either way, I'm going out of my mind all the answers to my questions
I have to find

[ganun ba?]


What is your biggest secret?

-"Anything but Ordinary"

Is it enough to love? Is it enough to breathe? somebody rip my heart out And leave me here to bleed. Is it enough to die?Somebody save my life. I'd rather be anything but ordinary please



What do you think of your friends?

-"swiss army romance"

We're not twenty-one, but the sooner we are, the sooner the fun will begin, so get out your fake eyelashes, and fake IDs, & real disasters ensue,it's cool to take these chances.It's cool to fake romances & grow up fast.



What will you post this as?

-"I melt with you"

[haha, ayos na survey!]