Tuesday, December 30, 2008

a lot more emotionalfuckwittage

hey y'all. something just came over me, and i feel like writing something..i don't know what it is. i just think i'm having ESPN or something (pun intended)hahaha. thank you very much. anyway, my lazy muses told me to write something but they're too lazy to tell me what it is. that's right, blame it on the muses.

i'm crazy

this sounds a lot like my firstest blog..awww..fond memories..hahaha that blog enslaved me! look where i am? i'm damned in blogger's hell, like i have nothing better to do. i was strolling around the mall earlier and my biggest worries were personified when i bumped into Sir Mantequilla. so sue me, i haven't entertained any of those readings that my guilty conscience solidified into something for me to bump on, to remind me that readings should be read. hence, the name. XD

but i didn't blog to tell you about that. sheesh.

the year's about to end, and i just wanna wish everyone peace, love and a good many things to laugh and smile about for the coming year.

and too bad for you because you'll be getting a whole lot more emotionalfuckwittage from me

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