Saturday, February 14, 2009

valentine humbuggery

i'm not really about to enumerate valentine humbuggery here i just wanted to share how great my day was despite going stag.haha anyway, so much for my early disclaimer, i had to head downtown because i had to scout for something to wear for my friend's debut. besides, i had an appointment at bench fix to pimp up my do. so along the way, i couldn't help but notice what's everyone up to on this hallmark greeting card day.
  1. all hotels and lodges i passed have their own valentine's day promos which generally includes cheaper rates for overnight stays. i couldn't help but think why you'd have to stay at a cheap hotel just for one night and on valentines..hmm..except maybe.. rrr. *nasty hahaha come to think of it, i know for a fact that plenty of people are born on october. exactly 9 months after feb. including me! don't tell me i wasn't called Val for nothing! NOOO!!! that was a triple negative sentence.hahaha
  2. some restaurants decided to switch to candlelight for the occasion. everyone is oblivious to the fact that their aseptic inspired dinner is mainly due to austerity reasons.haha major drawback: even fast food chains, McDonalds, for instance, joined the bandwagon, so even dudes who only planned on eating some fastfood had to eat theirs in candlelight while listening to tagahugas ka raw.. in the background. EWW BROMANCE!
  3. everyone thinks that if you don't have a date, you have to go out in a big group. no one likes to be thought of as single and not having fun.haha everyone is so defensive. i couldn't help but crack up.
Well, lots of things really made my day today. Even though i was freezing because of the mall's airconditiong on my wet hair that they shampooed and conditioned twice (beats me why), the trip to the barber/salon, should i say, was a pampering experience. and the stylist gave me a pretty decent cut. now i look really fly but not really. And what's more to end valentine's day than a hearty meal at home with ma and pa and some takeout pizza to follow it up.

i'm getting some well deserved sleep.