Wednesday, October 15, 2008

birthday blast! XD

WAPAK!! yun na yung blast

now here comes the party

mga importanteng detalye:

very important indeed..

WHAT? birthday blast/ sem-ender
WHO? us! ralph, anj, mikko you! BIO
WHERE? forest hill! REN-DEZ-VOUS: sm village convenience store
WHEN? tomorrow!! 8..we don't like waiting
WHY? because it was meant to be
HOW? joyfully
HOW MUCH? 50-70 for entrance..sadly ni siya dili joyfully..huhu
WHY NOT? oo nga naman
WHAT IF? wala'y mangadto? maayo, kay kami lang mangaon
HOW COME? because the gods are crazy and the stars are blind, wise words from Ms. Hilton

boring question:

  • swimming outfit, wala'y cotton..tama ba?
  • spoon and fork, plato at baso kung gusto niyo
  • FOOD DONATIONS..dili siya mandatory
  • aiai, lyle-cake, aidz-booze, kyle-ice cream, mon-junkfood, further questions

can't come?!

since mag 18 na kami..

well here's 18 reasons why you should..

isa-isa lang mo oi..gara sad mo

NEIL: opportunity to flower (context clue..G?)
MON: opportunity to spread the love
LYLE: opportunity to " " "
CHA: opportunity to try (lol! dili daw siya sure na makaadto)
MARK: opportunity to hang
JOIE: opportunity to buy new sandals
AI2: opportunity to get go white girl!
JAMES: opportunity to shopping
DOMS: opportunity to karaoke ourselves
KYLE: opportunity to make friends..awww kamo ba!
AIDZ: opportunity to
RENZ: opportunity to multiply
SHEARA: opportunity to allergy herself
LIANE: opportunity to liempo
LIEZEL: opportunity para maligo!!! haha.peace liz!
MARIA: opportunity na makauban
JULY: opportunity to grab
YURI: opportunity to GRUB!!!

life lesson: grab every opportunity as they come guys..oha oha!

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