Monday, October 27, 2008

finally, something to write about

i was thinking that this sembreak, i could get my creative juices flowing (friendster horoscope gave me that idea..i should have known it to be all goofus) and write plenty of blog entries, book reviews, you know, the usual deal, but I never knew 3 weeks of R&R could also mean 3 weeks of complete and utter boredom which is downright frustrating and unbecoming for a great mind like this one.hem hem. My brain has been lacking from any form of stimulation and I wonder if it hasn't deteriorated due to lack of use or even, abuse, for that matter, i tell you, any of the two would have been welcome. I had nothing to read, i realized that I finished reading all the books i borrowed in the thick of the exams, that left me with nothing for the semestral break. a whole stretch of time that could have been wisely spent leisure reading not opening the refrigerator every 5 seconds hoping something would pop up eventually, and fighting a losing battle against a stubborn headache you get from too much sleep knowing you are wholeheartedly supporting the cause. all the books at home I've already read like a gazillion times, even an Archie would have made my day, but not even that..gosh, you feelin' me? on top of all that, my TV broke down. I couldn't even have my television fix! my precious quality time glued to the tube was all wasted. where was civilization when I needed it? not in UPmin surely.

What the hell was I supposed to do?


so I'm gonna write about..




[one eternity later] (as spongebob would say)






whichever yaya!

and finally this!


what was I supposed to write again?

oh yeah..sembreak pa nga pala XD

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