Sunday, November 30, 2008

by all means

I do not usually do this..let me rephrase that, I do not do this. I do not irresponsibly rant whenever I fail at doing something. I'm cool. I can graciously accept defeat.

But I shall have to make this statement. When you wanted to play by your rules, you had need only to inform me. I asked to be briefed didn't I? Since you were terribly omniscient about the rules and never failed to show it, why did you fail to impress us all by sharing this little piece of information? So much for real sportsmanship.

It's one thing to play with skill and it's one other thing to play relying merely on your opponent's naiveté. Oh, you need not give me that ignorance-of-the-law-is-not-an-excuse bullshit. By all means, I know my rules, and it certainly didn't include one that, for all i know, has been made up by someone so desperate of saving himself after she has counted all her chickens. It reminds me of that Joey Tribbiani episode when he was playing poker on national television and he only had a queen so he said we all know what that means.. "the queen is alone without the king so she gets lonely and eats chips! numnumnumnum" hahaha. that used to be so funny. got to give me break, tie? lie?! any preschooler can rhyme, it's even second nature to dumb cheerleaders. You like hell do not get to give me that ugly smirk, because you can very well die of loser's-lergy if only I had finished that game right then and there and numnumed all your precious tiles, which I could and certainly would have. By all means enjoy your pitiful victory, but keep in mind you won't be hearing my last.

whew. now that's out. i just wanted it out of my system. i think all this negative energy is breeding on itself and it gave me this goddamn headache and, as i publish this, is now gone

(by all many times did i say that?)

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