Saturday, September 13, 2008

i dunno, i just thought of it and then I wrote it down

i remember watching wizards of waverly place, the episode where Selena Gomez went to the CRazy ten minute sale, and then there was this signature mean girl with her two signature dumb blonde sidekicks (i don't remember if they were even blonde). And then one of the dumb sidekicks suddenly let go of a snappy comeback, and then the other one said "wow! good one!" and then she replied "i dunno, I just thought of it and then I said it!" and she was so proud!LOL

hence the title..because i'm just gonna rant until all you people rot in hell XD

I don't know about dumb blondes, but them being signature characters in teen movies is what makes these movies so much fun!haha I suddenly miss watching american teenage subculture type of movies which they don't make very often nowadays..tsk tsk the 90's was a good era..

since you got me started, now I'm gonna talk about pop culture, a classmate of mine had a report on POP culture and I was surprised at how much I still know from all the rubbish I've picked up over the last few years despite my permanent exile to UPminland. I guess I'm what you call a pop culture slave. I guess we all are and that includes you.

I went to SM this morning with some friends. There was this book that everyone has been dying to read. It was a book released in 2005, but suddenly exploded into an overnight success, maybe due to (i am just assuming) it having its film adaptation. When we got to NBS, we found out that they only sold hardbound copies. It was a bit too expensive for some book that might probably disappoint you. But my friend still bought one (and I'm gonna be the first to borrow..hehe). We saw one friend from school and she bought two. The books were literally flying off the shelves. I even saw some people carrying them around as they strolled through the mall. Everyone was dying to get into the craze.

My example might not be entirely accurate but it's screaming pop culture all over the place! you got to admit it. We are all slaves to pop culture. c'mon, who doesn't love MTV? I admit MTV has influenced me a lot. I can even recall some MTV ads and think of them as happy childhood memories!haha i kid! i kid!

Gosh, I suddenly miss having MTV..

Popular Culture is the culture defined by what is deemed to be "popular" (what a whimsical play of words ;)) and followed by a common multitude. and it's not a bad thing to wear those watermelony outfits with your overly colored skinny jeans, because pop culture is what defines some of us as a generation.

However, it's also great to be unique.although there are only too few of us..haha I am only a sponge to information such as pop culture, I don't necessarily engage in such queer, unsettling behavior..haha Bah! excuses!

anyway, I was supposed to write a shallow, no-brainer article, but I guess this comes naturally..

---gosh, it's so hard pretending to be deep..hehe

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