Friday, August 1, 2008

Of football, ice cream, and lactic acid formation

or as Joie would put it, lactic acid fermentation..hehe well, for the entire week, i couldn't wait to go I was practically bursting with joy at the end of our last period.Yes, i get homesick, a me. Anyway, just when we were about to finally go home, we were challenged to a game of soccer, so, we obliged, the rest was a blur. in a nutshell, what started out as a game of boys vs. girls ended up as the original group of boys and anyone who joined in after that, with plenty of splits, slides, spills even cases of confused goalposts (oh, it was only me). We had fun, even though half the time we couldn't see anything. it was amazing we could still recognize each other. The game ended in a tie. I scored one and saved one (i had to split for this one, i send all my regards to the mud), but the rest of my attempts were all a far cry from the goal..XD We only had to stop because i guess it was too dark and because a tie was reached.
after that, Kyle treated us to a tub of ice cream that we devoured with a set of plastic spoons like a pack of starve-driven wolves in a bench facing the mintal highway. There were only 6 of us, the others had to attend cheerdance practice (hehe). We hung out for a while..eating chips and drinking canned softdrinks.. it was fun staring at the passing trucks and jeepneys and talking the time away.
now, i'm suffering from cramps and aches covering my entire body.due to lactic acid formation, according to our highly enthusiastic PE teacher (ma'am chorva) or fermentation according to Joie (hehe,peace out! XD). Mind you, we should have followed the former's advice for warming up stretching before any workout, but no doubt, i'm up for another round of football! ;)

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