Sunday, July 27, 2008

emotional fuckwittage

the heavens finally conspired against my lazy muses to inspire me to get my little monkey butt off the couch and start a blog..haha I know..thank you very much.. XD

Having nothing else to do, since I left my chemistry textbooks at the dorm (not that I would have opened them more than a few pages), I already exhausted the list of all possible things I could do to amuse myself like reading Love in the time of Cholera (which i just finished), watching a downloaded movie (not very rewarding) and opening the refrigerator (every 30 seconds). So, I decided, against my better judgement, as the last possible resort, to do what I'm doing right now. Now, I'm gonna be one of those suckers, who i used to pity, who can't wait until the end of the day to post their petty little misadventures and are all too proud of themselves after having done what they itched to do the entire day. Ever heard of blog slaves? NO?!

well good. cause i just made that up

only KIDDING, you guys..

I'm more than happy to deliver my thoughts in British accent.
I'm hoping you have bloody time to spare.

Great. Now i've made myself really really welcome.


Danielle Julie Marie V. Crumb said...

mikko!hi there:)
july here.hehe:)

Michael Lacsamana said...

hehehe..peace out! XD

the pseudoneuro - renzy said...

mikkkoooooookoness! HAHAHA :))

weee may blog ka na!:D