Friday, January 9, 2009

a remarkably bad start

i just got home and my head's still spinning from the day's turnout. had coffee with my bloc at karl's. chatted. had a great time. thanks guys. start of the year, i gave out two letters from my goal of three and i'm really happy that in some way, maybe i did get to those people. i love you guys.

on the downside, got wasted. had a fag. just one. and don't get me started on what happened this week, i sucked at the exam. study habits: nonexistent. what's more? i'm a spectacle for public humiliation again. awkward and once again, i allowed myself to be pushed around. i fell for what i resolved to avoid. all for good reason, i suppose. or maybe i like to think.

but all's well. ika nga, basta maayo'ng lawas.

or maybe i just love exaggerating the negative.

what's important is that i reestablished old ties, and i plan on keeping them this time.

maybe not that bad after all.

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